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Tom - Set of Four Low Poly Scale Figures of male Athletes, wearing Sports Clothes and Swimming Briefs

Tom - Set of Four Low Poly Scale Figures of male Athletes, wearing Sports Clothes and Swimming Briefs

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This is a set of four low poly (detail) scale figures of male athletes we call Tom; they are wearing sports clothes (shorts and t-shirt) and swimming briefs. Two of them have towels, and one of them is stretching.

These models are designed for use in theatre model boxes and presentations. They are 3D printed from resin in the UK.

At scale 1:25, they are roughly 70 mm tall, it represents a UK average height man in 2023 of 1.75 meters or 5 ft 9 Inches.

3D printing technology creates accurate and detailed models at a relatively low cost, making it a popular choice in theatre design. Scale models, such as this one, are often used to visualize the layout and design of a set, costume or prop before it is built on a full-size. They can identify potential design issues or limitations and allow easy changes and modifications before the final construction.

Using resin as a material for the model is also a good choice, as it is a versatile material that can be used to create detailed and accurate models. This model is unpainted, allowing the user to paint or finish it as desired.

If you are looking for a different scale or custom height, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


All models are printed at eStage in London; we use PLA Filament (extruded melted plastic) and Resin (Photo polymers cured with UV light); this enables us to deliver model parts with layer heights from 0.15mm to as fine as 0.02mm producing amazingly detailed models.


Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials, the percentage of which ranges from 60% to 90% and this cardboard is one of the most easily recycled resources in the UK.


We dispatch using the Royal Mail with the UK's lowest average parcel carbon footprint 205g CO2e.


For every order placed on, we plant a real-life tree with Ecologi.

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